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 Sharon Massaadi, M.Ed.  The Road to Happiness LLC

            Imagine coming home to a peaceful house every single night?


If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, need to be relieved of stress, desire improvement with family issues, and want clear goals, self-motivation, and success click to set up a free consultation. 

   Imagine-what would your life feel like with a little assistance for the anxiety you feel? You deserve easy techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life. Imagine what your life would look like with everyhing going well, so well you almost think you are in fantasyland!  Calm, peaceful, loving! I can give you a free half-hour to make a plan.

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A 25-year teacher and certified counselor of all ages from kindergarten to  elderly, and every age in between is here to help. She will tutor anyone of any age in English, reading, writing, history, geography, psychology, finances, and more. Select tutoring in the services to book a time, write to or call 857-266-0012 Bartering for goods and services you may have is great as well. We are looking for electrical work, plumbing, organic products and more, just call to talk to us.

It's an anthology of 15 authors from Women's Prosperity Network who write about important things to know in difficult times.  Sharon wrote about starting good habits She will be autographing copies of the book and taking pictures with fans!

Sharon's book came out on Amazon December 18, 2022. It's called The Experts of WPN

Nothing hurts more than to see family members in pain and pulling away. Tools that make you feel immensely better will be an incredible influence on  behavior, wellness, and overall happiness of every member of the family.

Teacher and Student

"Sharon has helped me tremendously by getting me to realize the perfect career for me would be a kindergarten teacher. Then she helped me through the whole process to get in the college of my choice. She is my sunshine! I now have a great career!"

-Vivian H.

If you would like counseling for your child, each client's personal needs will be met. You will have a completely individualized special program to unlock your full potential, and support you in your personal, and family goals!

If you enter your email you will instantly gain access to a great amount of free information so you can get started!  It's important to make sure you get valid, recent information about mental health and ways to recharge. A peaceful, fulfilling life is not a luxury. Take a few easy steps and your upward spiral begins.

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Students Taking Exams

Teen Success Society!

Teens have a 70% depression rate!  The AARP just called it a "crisis" and an "emergency"

45 out of 100 teens have though of suicide in the last two years. Many feel there is no hope in this economy, the future is not secure, they can't count on SSI. Teens need structure and hope. It's crucial we pay attention.

Teens are introduced to ambitious friends and achievement-minded companions. One exciting plan of action will be based on the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens"


Teens can be steered towards further education, help with applications and college essays, and to make goals for their lives. Let's assist you and your family members to make plans for a better life now. Whether it's an anxious and depressed mom or a troubled teen, your life can be much easier and tremendously happier.  It's time to invest in you!